Your Taxi Driver in Courchevel

At the heart of 3 Vallées, the largest ski area in the world, Courchevel Taxi’s professional drivers provide personalized trips, so you can move around peacefully, day or night.

Availability, Responsiveness, and Punctuality for 20 years

It’s no secret! To obtain the total satisfaction of travelers and continue its collaborations with the hotels of the station over the decades, Courchevel Taxi takes care of every details.
For Géraldine Gini, director of Courchevel Taxi:
Our customers are more than just passengers. We are here to attend to their needs, meet their requirements, answer their questions about the region, and sometimes even advise them on good spots to visit. We often accompany our clients throughout their stay and from one season to the next. They trust us, some have for 20 years, it’s our greatest proof of quality!”

Experienced and Bilingual Taxi Drivers

Géraldine Gini, director of Courchevel Taxi, relies on a team of professional and experienced drivers to guarantee the quality of every trip.
They can drive on mountain roads and know the territory very well in order to get you to destination safely and in the shortest possible time, whatever the weather (snow, ice, etc.) or traffic conditions.
Professionals when it comes to listening, they will adapt to your requests with seriousness, proximity, and discretion.